Despite massively growing within the last 12 months, where Ipart Group has gone from having 16 employees to 42 employees, the work satisfaction has never been better. In fact, 93% of the employees are of the opinion that Ipart Group is overall a great place to work.

Ipart Group has obtained the certification “A Great Place to Work”, and even with a score on 93%, which we are very proud of:

“As CEO for Ipart Group I am extremely pleased that we have obtained this certification, because it tells me that our employees do think we have a great workplace culture. The workplace is one of the most important elements to us, because it affects every single part of the company. It is a large part of us being successful and succeeding with the growth journey we are currently on, even though we are busy – at the same time, it also means that our employees enjoy working here, which is something we have a great deal of focus on”, says CEO Jørgen Sørensen Stensgaard, Ipart Group.

Across our entire organisation, there are several things that stand out; people see each other as being very productive, and we have a great fellowship between co-workers. There is a lot of responsibility and freedom to complete work assignments, where people, at the same time, feel like they are making a difference. The reason to be proud of our results is definitely no less given the fact that we, in the last 12 months, have gone from 16 to 42 employees, which means we have gotten a lot of new co-workers.
“Maintaining a great workplace culture while still welcoming a lot of new co-workers is a bit of an achievement, which Ipart Group have a good reason to be proud of”, says Liselotte Jensen, CEO, Great Place To Work Denmark.

Having a great deal of focus on workplace culture, where the employees feel responsible, free, and have a good fellowship with their co-workers has proven to be effective. In the light of the high score that obtained the certification and the effort to keep Ipart Group “A Great Place To Work”, the focus on the workplace culture will continue to be part of the everyday work at Ipart Group.