Our history

Back in 2014, Mark Krøgholt established the company Ipart – a project and development company specialised in developing and setting up filling stations along with the visual identity of building structures.

With extensive experience in steel production, montage, and processing combined with a great understanding of the customers’ need, the company quickly grew successful.

Subsidiaries are established
The first subsidiary by the name of Washbox was established in 2019. The company rethought the classic car wash by delivering complete, architect-designed plug’n’play-solutions with a focus on sustainability. In 2019 and 2020 Washbox received the ‘Børsen Gazelle’-award.

The most recent subsidiaries are E-unit and Car Care Digital, which respectively deliver innovative concepts in electric charging stations and software solutions for fleet management.

Growing bigger and a new domicile
In 2022, the parent company, Ipart Group, was established to collect all under one name creating the framework for an organisation that continuously launch new initiatives to strengthen the business.

Ipart Group has just achieved the certification ”A Great Place to Work” – and even with a score of 93%, meaning that the company has a very good and healthy workplace culture. This score also comes in the light of the company having grown bigger and gone from having 16 employees to 42 employees in just one year.

Administration, production, and montage are now gathered under a newly built domicile in Hammel, where there is room for the many new employees – welcome at Ipart Group.