The most recent external board member for Ipart│Washbox’s new board is investor, Søren Ravn Jensen.

Ipart│Washbox has entered a collaboration with Søren Ravn Jensen as the fourth and last external board member: “Ipart│Washbox is a visionary and innovative owner-managed company with a high level of ambition in relation to digitalisation, AI, and sustainability among other things. I look forward to contributing to realising the ambitious growth plan and scaling Ipart and Washbox globally together with a very strong team!”, says Søren Ravn Jensen. CEO Jørgen Sørensen Stensgaard at Ipart│Washbox looks forward to the collaboration: “Søren Ravn Jensen is the final external member for our newly established board. Søren brings a lot of experience in production and sale, which makes him an ideal match for Ipart│Washbox.”