Futurologist and founding partner of Future Navigator, Liselotte Lyngsø becomes part of the board at Ipart│Washbox.

The board for Ipart│Washbox has just been completed and as the second board member besides the president of the board, strategy expert Mikael Vest, joins futurologist and founding partner of Future Navigator, Liselotte Lyngsø: “I look forward to being part of the development journey together with Ipart│Washbox, because we are currently facing a huge paradigm change in the automobile industry, where we have to rethink mobility, cars and services. Not only does Ipart│Washbox have great ambitions in relation to creating sustainability through digital twins, smart data, and modular solutions – they have also proven that they can deliver. As futurologist with a focus on behavioural changes and new business models in the automobile industry, I look forward to contributing to the board with inspiration and feedback.” CEO at Ipart│Washbox, Jørgen Sørensen Stensgaard adds: ”We are very happy to have Liselotte Lyngsø as part of our team and board member at Ipart│Washbox. Working with futurologists is always interesting, because they bring perspectives that would might not otherwise have been considered – and with our growth plan, this is a huge advantage.”