The next board member at Ipart│Washbox is entrepreneur and digital transformation expert, Bjarke Sejersen.

The third board member at Ipart│Washbox has now been selected – and please welcome, Bjarke Sejersen. Bjarke brings with him experience and knowledge specifically in digital transformation in larger global companies and looks forward to being a part of accomplishing one of Ipart│Washbox’s missions – which is ensuring a climate-friendly and digitally embedded transport infrastructure for current and future generations: “The transport infrastructure will in the future years and decades undergo a large transformation. The exponential development in transport and energy technology and the behavioural changes derived thereof will have a great impact on the transport infrastructure along with the needs, expectations and requirements that will be in the future from both governments, the private sector, and companies. In a short amount of time, Ipart│Washbox has proven that if you challenge status quo on an otherwise well-established market, it is possible to create a relatively shorter time-to-market, but also to minimise resource wastage in relation to planning, design, installation time, and materials.” CEO, Jørgen Sørensen Stensgaard, at Ipart│Washbox is also pleased with the collaboration: “With Bjarke Sejersen’s experience in digital transformation we have a strong position. As digitalisation, big data, and innovation are some of our key focus points for the growth plan for the coming year, we look very much forward to the advantages that the collaboration with Bjarke brings.”