The world’s largest manufacturer of innovative car washing installations and car washing technology, WashTec, has entered into collaboration with Washbox, who delivers unique, sustainable, plug’n’play carwash concepts.

The two suppliers have joined forced in delivering complete solutions for carwashes to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. “We see a great potential in the collaboration with Washbox, because their unique and innovative concept for carwashes fit well together with our product portfolio. On this basis, we can work together in delivering a strong overall solution for a commercial carwash”, says Morten Dale, EVP at WashTec. More specifically, this means that WashTec’s customers can have a complete, ready-to-install carwash concept with wash machines and water purification systems from WashTec delivered, along with the outer carwash concept, self-developed gates, an innovative equipment room, and the aboveground equipment from Washbox. “Combining our innovative concept solutions with the world’s leading manufacturer of carwashes, will set new standards for the customer experience when the car needs a washing. At Washbox we have a vision to deliver solutions to all of Northern Europe and the collaboration with WashTec is definitely a major step along the road”, says Jørgen Sørensen Stensgaard, CEO at Ipart Group. Washbox’s concept solutions for carwashes are already on the market in both Denmark and Norway and in 2021, 20 carwashes were produced, delivered, and installed.  


  • Washbox has, since 2019, developed and delivered complete, innovative, sustainable plug’n’play carwashes.
  • Washbox is a subsidiary of Ipart Group with headquarters in Hammel.
  • WashTec has over 1700 employees in more than 80 countries and is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative car washing installations and carwashes.