The Washbox concept has obtained the license for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. As one of our focus points and fields of action is sustainability, the ecolabel is something that we are very proud of! The Nordic Swan Ecolabel means that Washbox’s car washes are better for the environment as they meet the stringent requirements for wastewater treatment, which saves the environment for unwanted metals like lead and copper. This also means low water consumption as we reuse about 90% of the treated water. In addition, all the excess water, which is derived from our car washes, is treated in a biological water treatment facility before it is emitted to a sewer, where it is later led through the sewer system to the municipal treatment plant. Finally, our car care preparations meet the stringent chemical requirements. Therefore, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the result and proof of our efforts to save the environment and nature in the best way possible. This is also the reason why we focus a large part of our work on making the car wash even more attractive in order to make more people choose it instead of manually washing their car. Washing your car in a car wash is much better for the environment as it uses 70% less water and saves the aquatic environment for more than 1 ton metals, 5 ton oil and 3 ton car care preparations annually, which would otherwise end up untreated in the nature.